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PKZ brings together representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, entities involved in the distribution of herbal medicines, representatives of scientific units, plantators of herbal plants, and herbal practice enthusiasts. Since the foundation of the Polish Herbal Committee in 1930, it has developed into an officially recognised organisation which contributes to shaping public opinion and has been involved in patronage activity. PKZ has been known for its impact on legislation within the herbal industry.

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Jubilee Scientific Conference

Jubilee Scientific Conference marking the 90th anniversary of the Polish Herbal Committee HERBS IN THE 21ST CENTURY BIOECONOMY IN THE PERSPECTIVE OF FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF HERBAL INDUSTRY was held on June 2nd and 3rd in Poznan.

During the two-day sessions, representatives of the world of science, industry and trade from Poland and abroad discussed the condition and development prospects of the herbal industry.